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Desired salary: $3,200.00
Desired position type: Full-Time


I am a Bachelor’s degree holder in Mechanical Engineering and have specialized in Automotive Studies. My last job experience as a Technical Engineer in JK Wire Harness Sdn. Bhd. has made me acquired the necessary training and skills needed. Besides, earlier I worked as Production Engineer in Tan Chong Motor Assemblies Sdn. Bhd. and also as a Service Advisor in UMW Toyota Motor Sdn. Bhd. I am a qualified and trained automotive engineer with extensive knowledge. My specializations were in three main areas which include manufacturing, troubleshooting and customer service operation.


(i) Bachelor Degree

Field of Study                           : Engineering Technology (Hons.) in Mechanical (Automotive)

Major                                        : Automotive

Institute/University                     : University Kuala Lumpur Malaysian Spanish Institute

Final CGPA                               : 3.14/4.00

Graduation Date                        : Sept 2013


(ii) Diploma

Field of Study                           : Engineering in Mechanical (Automotive)

Major                                        : Automotive

Institute/University                     : Polytechnic of Sultan Mizan Zainal Adibin

Final CGPA                               : 3.29/4.00

Graduation date                          : July 2007



     KM7, Jalan Tapah, 35400 Tapah Road, Perak.

Position Title             : Technical Production Engineer

Specialization            : Production Engineering

Duration                     : May 2013- July 2014 (1 Year and 2 Months)



  • Study the internal drawing to understand the process and prepare tooling cost
  • Implementing assembly board drawing on conveyer line according to manpower and job balancing
  • To study on tact time according to customer request and set conveyer speed
  • Prepare work instruction, training materials and conduct training for the operators
  • Experience in purchasing new tools for production line from suppliers
  • Production line support/stand by
  • Manage technical workshop activity
  • Contribute in Kaizen proposals to improve production line and reduce cost for excessive parts usage
  • Coordinator of the recent Toyota IMV new models line setup for production started from sample stage to mass production
  • Report to Toyota procurement members on the every sample stage events to mass production progresses
  • Joint check the upcoming new harnesses with customers before mass production to capture findings and come out with countermeasures


Reason for leaving:

  • Getting Married.





Lot PT 15014, Mukim Serendah, Bag berkunci 201, 48009 Rawang, Selangor.



Position Title             : Production Engineer

Specialization            : Assembly Production

Industry                     : Automotive (Manufacturing)

Duration                     : December 2012 – April 2013 (5 Months)




  • Supervise hourly production
  • Troubleshoot and solve technical problems
  • Simultaneously work towards productivity and quality improvement through Kaizen activities
  • Collect technical data, conduct analysis and send technical report/part investigation report to manufacturer or supplier for countermeasure and field-fix information on quality issues for vehicle parts
  • Improvement project in reducing warranty rejection rate, warranty return and claim travelling time
  • Implemented fool proof system (POKA-YOKE) in production line to avoid defects
  • New equipment introduction (Tools and Jigs)
  • Introduced new material – Chemlok adhesive for spoilers and side mouldings
  • Analysis trough Process and Torque audit to avoid defects
  • Handle skilled manpower (Supervisors, Captains and Operators)
  • Prepare management information reports to ensure progress in the department
  • Assist manpower by providing visual aid for the new models parts
  • Coordinator for new model – Nissan Grand Livina (Facelift)
  • Encourage zero defect trough champion car programme. Coordinator for assembly shop
  • Major improvement to assembly shop line process; reduce lead time, cost and man power
  • Act as window between internal (company) and external (suppliers & others)


Reason for Leaving :

  • Family’s circumstances.




CSO Division, Lot 22971, Jalan Lumut-Sitiawan, 32040 Seri Manjung.


Position Title             : Toyota Service Advisor

Specialization            : Customer Service

Industry                     : Automotive (After Sales)

Duration                     : September 2007- May 2009 (1 Year and 9 Months)




  • Good face-to-face verbal and written communication skills.
  • Advised customers on needed repairs and maintenance for their vehicles and prepared written estimates outlining parts and labor costs.
  • Responsible for explaining the clients concerns, requests to the technician plus maintaining track of the growth made by the technicians so the clients can be notified.
  • Scheduled repair and maintenance appointments. Followed up with customers to ensure repairs were completed to their satisfaction.
  • Task with the responsibility of daily inventory control and ordering of necessary parts to complete needed repairs to vehicles.
  • Interacted with customers on a daily basis by phone to ascertain warranty issues and to schedule service to have issues rectified.
  • Competitive warranty services to customers in fast, fair and reliable manner.
  • Familiar with warranty policies & procedures, to process and judge warranty claim accordingly.
  • Knowledge on automobile field, able to perform mechanical repairs and general vehicle maintenance.
  • Assisted owner with day-to-day business operations and managed facility in the event of owner’s absence.
  • Successfully passed TSA-21 Certification Examination and got promoted as Toyota Service Advisor (Grade T07).
  • Attended warranty training, new vehicle accessories, new vehicle launch program and conferences lead by UMW Toyota Motor team.
  • Participated in Quality Control Circle (QCC) at service center level.


Reason for Leaving :

  • Further Study.


  • Customer Service (2 years)
  • Manufacturing (2 years)
  • Automotive skills (7 years)


    communication, customer service, Hands on, Management, sales

Spoken Languages

    English, Malay, Tamil

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