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28 Jun 2018

Freelance Packaging Euqipment manufacturers Penang, Malaysia

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1. Main structure of the robotic packaging equipment
The robotic packaging equipment consists of (oil bottle) inlet conveying belt, (oil bottle) pre-stop conveying belt, rack, (oil bottle) lifting device, (oil bottle) horizontal transfer device, oil bottle dropping device, carton conveying belt, carton positioning device, reducer motor and control system and other components.
The oil bottle inlet conveying belt and the oil bottle pre-stop conveying belt consist of a low-friction plastic belted conveying belt, which also includes the oil bottle positioning device and the load height induction device.
2. Structural features
— Combining man-machine interface, stepless speed regulation is realized by using frequency control and PLC control technologies. German SIEMENS programmable controller is used for main control.
— This machine can be used for grasping objects by special pneumatic components with gripper. Through the mechanical operation, pneumatic and electrical control can pack the product accurately and reliably from the bottle-conveying table to the carton in stable operation.
— The whole carton packing process can lift, translate and land the product with different mechanical mechanism driven individually through the inverter motor, which can be operated automatically with pneumatic, electrical and optical control. The action is coordinative in smooth and accurate motion.
— Non-pressure control design is adopted to the carton-conveying passage.
— Satisfying the food hygiene requirements: Oil-free pneumatic components are adopted.
— Carton-feeding operation is set with manual carton feeding, automatic carton feeding and continuous and fast carton feeding.
— Gripping operation is set with manual operation and automatic operation.
— A variety of protection functions are set, so that, shutdown can be conducted timely when occurring failure. For example: shutdown will be conducted automatically for waiting for the carton feeding belt is not filled; shutdown will be conducted automatically when the bottle conveying table is not filled; shutdown will be conducted automatically when the bottle grasping and the gripping are mismatched with the carton; shutdown will be conducted automatically for waiting when operators enter into the safety isolation lines.
— Adopting imported high-quality integrated network chain, the bottle conveying system is equipped with a transition plate to ensure smooth transition with the buyer’s conveying belt. The whole system can automatically adjust the packing speed according to the feeding speed of products on the conveying belt.
— A wide range of applications: It can be used for packing of a variety of products.Packaging Euqipment manufacturers

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